Welcome to ThetaHealingNYC! ThetaHealing® can change your life.

There are many different ways to begin, and we invite you to try the way that feels right to you:

You can come to one of our monthly Free ThetaHealing® Circles at our lovely ThetaHealingNYC center at 1133 Broadway, Suite 1107, just below 26th Street in Manhattan, NY (10010). One of our ThetaHealingNYC founders will speak about what ThetaHealing is, give a brief demonstration, and answer any questions. Check out our Schedule page to find out when the next free introductory evening is.

You can arrange an individual ThetaHealing® session with a ThetaHealingNYC master practitioner by going to the Sessions page.

You can sign up for a Basic ThetaHealing® class on our Classes page.

Besides the Basic ThetaHealing® class, other classes without any pre-requisites that you can take are the first day of SoulMates or the entire Rainbow Children Class…. Visit our Classes page to see when the next one is.

And of course, you can call us at 212.260.5727 or email us at with any questions.

We’re so happy to welcome you to ThetaHealingNYC!

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