Mentorship Program with Eric Brumett

Eric Brumett’s Mentorship Program for a successful ThetaHealing® business
egins: January 1st – May 31st

Do you dream of a life and business where….
You’re fulfilling your calling?
Your business services spread through word of mouth and you have returning clients that recommend you to others?
Your practice fulfills and meets your financial, spiritual and personal needs?
You’re growing spiritually and creating a stronger connection to Creator?
You’re confident in your services and accomplish great results with your clients?
You feel the magic and witness miracles in every aspect of your business as well as in your personal life?

Welcome to Eric Brumett’s Mentorship Program for a successful ThetaHealing®  Business
A truly successful ThetaHealing® business provides financial abundance through fulfilling your desire to change the world .  Eric Brumett’s Mentorship Program is designed to clear blocks and fears holding you back from achieving success, as well as coaching and support for you to take meaningful action steps that lead to results in building a successful ThetaHealing business®.

If you are just STARTING your healing practice, Eric Brumett’s Mentorship Program will help you with:

  • Discovering yourself, what you truly desire to do in life and come into alignment with your calling

  • The fundamentals of starting a ThetaHealing® Business, which include creating a business and marketing plan, website development, professional boundaries, business logistics, attracting new clients, administrative needs and  client retention.

  • Developing confidence as a practitioner, how to be a professional and gain the training and support needed to succeed

  • Building a positive reputation as a ThetaHealing® Teacher and Practitioner

  • Identifying and creating opportunities to grow your ThetaHealing® practice.

If you already have a healing practice, Eric Brumett’s Mentorship Program will help you with:

  • A lack in your practice of clients and/or students

  • Integrating ThetaHealing® into your existing practice

  • Developing healthy boundaries with clients so that your business is not exhausting and making you ill

  • Receiving money for your services

  • Developing a better relationship with money

  • Building your confidence in yourself and your abilities

  • Opening up your ability to work with different kinds of clients, for example if you only feel comfortable healing people with emotional issues but not with physical ailments

  • Witnessing and getting better results with your clients

  • Developing healthy dynamics with employees, business partners, and colleagues

Why take the Mentorship Program with Eric Brumett?
Eric Brumett is a Master ThetaHealing® instructor and practitioner with a Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing®. He is a teacher and entrepreneur who has been professionally practicing ThetaHealing® for 16 years. He has been coaching  mentees for over 13 years and has watched individuals blossom into successful ThetaHealing® Practitioners and Teachers worldwide. He has worked on over 14,000 clients and has trained more than 1,400 ThetaHealers® worldwide in over 300 ThetaHealing® classes nationally and internationally. He is one of the co-founders of ThetaHealing®NYC,  the only certified ThetaHealing® school on the East coast and has hosted Vianna Stibal 4 times in New York City.

Why Eric created the Mentorship Program  
When Eric came into ThetaHealing, he was only 21 years old and had no experience as a healer or in business. While he took the ThetaHealing courses of Basic (then known as DNA 1&2), Teachers training and Intuitive Anatomy, he had the opportunity of being privately tutored by Vianna to help him grow in his abilities with the technique along with gaining her wisdom on working with clients and students. He learned much about being a professional practitioner and some basic guidance on running a practice. Yet there was much he needed to learn about running a business. So when he moved to New York City and started his practice, he had to learn very quickly through trial and error and some guidance from other successful healers.

He successfully developed his practice, primarily through word of mouth, growing his practice for 10 years and working on over 10,000 people and teaching ThetaHealing classes throughout the USA and abroad.  In 2013 he opened ThetaHealingNYC with his partners Tara Greenway and Sarah Faith Brumett and learned to run a school,  manage a healing center and manage employees; together the three partners have created a community of over 200 active Thetahealers.

Eric has watched many students come through his classes with desires to start their own ThetaHealing® business, but struggling with self doubt, fear or simply not knowing how to start.  He knew how important it was for his own success to have received professional guidance, and began to give his expertise to help others achieve a successful ThetaHealing® practice. As he began to mentor his students, they experienced amazing shifts in their confidence and ability.  Thus the mentorship program was born. Eric Brumett’s Mentorship Program combines professional and business coaching with belief work and exercises to strengthen your intuitive and healing abilities to develop a stable and profitable ThetaHealing® business.

What will your 4 months in the mentorship program look like?

  • You will receive a private 1 hour session each week with Eric Brumett, which includes coaching, action steps and belief work to support your personal and professional growth, for a total of 16 sessions.  (*Please note that there will be a two-week break in September.)
  • A weekly video where you will receive Eric’s expertise and guidance on growing a ThetaHealing® business, how to overcome hurdles in your ThetaHealing® business,  and powerful and profound exercises for developing yourself as a ThetaHealer® and entrepreneur.
  • A weekly email outlining the goal of the week and ThetaHealing® Downloads to help you achieve your highest and best

  • A mentorship manual which covers important facets of a ThetaHealing® practice, lists of limiting beliefs that block a successful practice, lists of downloads to support your growth in your practice, along with ThetaHealing® exercises to manifest and develop your practice.

  • Audio ThetaHealing® meditations for manifesting

  • Email support with Eric to receive coaching and review of website text and  business and marketing outlines

  • Discounts on every added 1 hour session at $125 per session ($75 off)

At the completion of the Mentorship Program past mentees have accomplished:

  • A completed website, business cards, logo, full branding including color scheme, text and font

  • Matured their ability in public speaking and self promotion so they could access their charisma, clarity and confidence.

  • A new relationship with money and comfortability in charging a respectful fee for their sessions and classes.

  • Doubling their financial growth and having their most successful year to date.

  • Went from being exhausted by their practice and yet still struggling to having a healthy student base that continues to build and give inspiration.

  • Gone from being afraid of teaching a ThetaHealing® classes to teaching a successful ThetaHealing® Basic class with over 20 students in it.

  • Witnessed an instant remission of a brain tumor along with other miraculous results with clients.

  • Completed a personalized business plan and  marketing strategy

  • Confidence in their abilities as a ThetaHealer®

  • Quadrupled their ThetaHealing® clientele.

    Testimonials from past mentees:


Cost for the Mentorship program:

$250 deposit to register.

$500 upon start of program.

$750 per month thereafter.

Totaling $3,000.

Must commit to the full program. Limited spots available.

Prerequisites- Certified in Intuitive Anatomy or a ThetaHealing® teacher of Basic and Advanced classes

(Please note the 2-week break in February)

If you are ready to enter your abundance as a ThetaHealer by starting the Eric Brumett’s Mentorship Program, contact us at or 212.260.5727.

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