Is Wanting to Lose Weight Shallow?

We have for far to long viewed losing weight in a solely material way because it presents itself as a simple problem, calories in and calories out.  However losing weight is not a shallow matter. If you are looking to have permanent results you can no longer ignore the deeper reasons underneath it all.


The journey to successfully losing weight and keeping it off in itself is often a process of revelation, transformation not only physically but mentally and a practice in determination and dedication.  Similar to any spiritual pursuit.  Not only are you transforming the way your body looks but you are changing the way you treat your body and feel in your body.  With every layer you shed old memories or emotions can surface and in order to continue on your path to successful weight loss you must be able to face these feelings.


Many people fight the desire to be beautiful.  I can ‘t tell you how many times clients have said “but isn’t wanting to be beautiful and wanting to lose weight shallow?” I often inwardly smile because it is the exact opposite. People often mislabel this common desire because they do not recognize it for what it is.  While looking good is an aspect of beauty and weight loss it is certainly not the whole of it.


Feeling beautiful is directly linked to your self-esteem.  It is as important as feeling loved, being treated with kindness, and being shown respect. Being beautiful is your natural state.  It is confidence, charisma, intelligence, and kindness.  It is knowing your self and believing in your self. Beauty truly does come from with in and radiates out.


If losing weight is your goal, you should NOT shy away from the idea of looking good. Often times people are afraid of looking good because it may attract unwanted attention.  In this case a persons self esteem, safety and boundaries must be built up.


However if your quest to lose weight is solely based on looking good because you don’t feel beautiful it will often generate short-lived results, that are hard and stressful on the body and mind, such as punishing exercise and eating disorders. Often times people are already at there perfect weight and yet still think they are over weight. This is often rooted in a distorted body image where the person cannot see there own inherent beauty.


Awakening to your own inherent beauty takes the recognition that the body is sacred, an incredible miracle made up of billions of instantaneously occurring miracles.   The opposite of beauty is the ugly thoughts, words and actions that we inflict on our selves, and on others.  Nothing crushes the self-esteem faster that being told you are ugly, useless, unworthy, unlovable and easily ignored which is often the way we treat our selves and others who struggle with their weight.  Losing weight is not a simple problem of calories in and calories out.  It is, simply put, a shedding of all the ugliness we believe about our selves, others and world around us.


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