ThetaHealingNYC Team

Eric Brumett Co-Founder of ThetaHealingNYC

Eric Brumett is a master ThetaHealing® Instructor with a Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing®. He is a beloved teacher and practitioner and is truly a master of his craft.

Eric’s gifts were fostered as he spent his formative years in a unique community deep in the mountains of northern California that embraced many ancient healing techniques and spiritual practices. Witnessing the process of his father’s passing from cancer at a young age spurred him forward into his path of healing and spirituality. Eric became studied in the anatomy of the human body through the paramedics’ training program at Cabrillo College, and psychology at the University of California at Santa Cruz. He has gained a deep understanding of the different treatments, both conventional and alternative, of illness and the emotional and physiological dynamics of disease. Eric has a unique ability for making his clients feel at ease and enjoy their sessions. His clients experience improvement and full recovery from conditions as varied as cancer, viral/bacterial/fungal/parasitical infections, genetic disorders, chronic fatigue, depression, diabetes, hormonal imbalances, chronic pain and many others.

Most of all his clients and students report many personal transformations including releasing negative patterns of thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and fears, and expanded success in their personal and professional lives. Eric has been a part of the development of ThetaHealing® since 2000, hosting Vianna Stibal in New York City multiple times, and has dedicated his life to the growth of ThetaHealing®. Eric is a mentor to his ThetaHealing® students and clients and has worked on over 11,000 people and trained over 1,000 students.

ThetaHealingNYC® has been Eric’s vision since his first session with Vianna Stibal, and he is proud to actualize this dream with his founding partners. He is a loving father to his two children Alanna and Drew and is grateful for his wonderful relationship with his life partner Sarah Faith.

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Sarah Faith Co-Founder of ThetaHealingNYC

Sarah Faith is a ThetaHealing® Master and Certificate of Science. She is honored to have taught ThetaHealing® in Denmark, Canada, Mexico and throughout the United States.

ThetaHealing® helped Sarah manifest and build a successful love relationship and family life, heal her chronic digestive problems, release excess weight, develop a fit body and channel her psychic and healing abilities.

Sarah specializes in helping her clients to release fears, limiting beliefs and what blocks clients from living their optimal potential of living in love, health, strength, and prosperity.

From personal experience Sarah Faith understands how severe illnesses can affect individuals and families. She helps clients transform the journey of illness into health and joy. Clients experience transformation on both the physical and emotion levels bringing balance back to their life and body.

Sarah Faith was raised and educated through the Waldorf approach that nourished a creative and open mind as well as a love for crafting, and a deep seeded connection to mother earth, spiritual beings and the Energy With in All Things. Sarah is so grateful for being a stepmother and having Eric Brumett as her life partner, especially when they cook, and have wonderful adventures together.

Tara Greenway Co-Founder of ThetaHealingNYC

Tara Greenway is a certified Master ThetaHealer® with a Certificate of Science whose clients and students value her unique way of treating the heart, mind, and body all at once. Brought up in a rich religious, intellectual, and medical environment, Tara learned to weave this style of intelligence with the intelligence of mind/body energy work, overcoming two supposedly chronic pain conditions (vulvodynia and migraine) and becoming a mind/body healer. Tara has been practicing exclusively ThetaHealing since 2005 and has worked with hundreds of clients and students; prior to this she also utilized polarity therapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and NDT (New Decision Therapy).

Tara graduated magna cum laude from Judson University and studied at The New Seminary to become a licensed interfaith minister. She is also a writer whose first play was produced off-Broadway in 1999 and who wrote a chapter of Gary Null and Barbara Seaman’s book FOR WOMEN ONLY (Seven Stories Press). She is currently working on a book about the relationship between spirituality, sexuality, and chronic pain. She is also an AEA/SAG/AFTRA actress who has appeared off-Broadway, on network television, and in film. Tara has helped many ThetaHealing clients who are actors and singers increase their success and recover their joy in their profession.

Tara has worked with children for over 25 years, including inner-city teenagers at the “I Have A Dream” Foundation, welfare hotel children at an off-Broadway theater program, public school students, and grieving children at The Healing Center of Long Island College Hospital. She now uses ThetaHealing with teenagers and children, as well as parents, to improve family dynamics.

While Tara has worked with individuals with all kinds of issues, often her clients are people who come in to heal from physical or emotional abuse or oppression, chronic anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. She also helps actors, singers, and artists clear their blocks and achieve their potential, and individuals and families move beyond their old paradigms and establish new patterns. She is a dynamic public speaker who helps people understand and integrate mind/body/spirit healing into their lives, professions, relationships, and health.

Tara is a member and supporter of ACEP, the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, and was a founding board member of Healing Arts Haven, a non-profit organization that uses the arts to raise life energy. She has served on the Board of Trustees at the Brooklyn Friends School and is a member of the Brooklyn Friends Meeting. Tara and her husband are the ridiculously proud and happy parents of two incredible daughters, one by birth and one by adoption.

Since ThetaHealing has brought spiritual alignment, physical health, and a fulfilling career to Tara’s life, she is excited to be a part of sharing this incredible technique with the world through ThetaHealingNYC®.

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Julie Strong ThetaHealingNYC Practitioner

is a certified ThetaHealing practitioner and teacher. She fell in love with the technique upon hearing an online interview with Vianna Stibal in 2011. At the time, she was working with clients and developing an approach that focused on the Law of Attraction and transformative change through vibration. She has since actively pursued her certifications and continues to apply the principles of vibrational resonance to her skills as a ThetaHealing practitioner. She especially loves the identification and transformation of deeply held subconscious beliefs and has a gift for digging and belief work.
Julie grew up on a farm in the mid-west and attributes her love of animals and nature to her bucolic beginnings. She has a degree in Commercial Photography from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where she lived, worked and played for 7 years prior to arriving in New York in 1995. Though always of interest, it was in New York that she began pursuing and developing her intuitive capacities in earnest when she began her studies of tarot and ceremonial magic with Laura La Rosa.
She worked in Art and design in various capacities for twenty five years. Starting out in photography and broadening into film and TV, she has experience on both sides of the camera, in writing and production as well as acting and modeling. Combined with her hands-on experience as an organizer and designer for the home, office and studio, she is adept in assisting her clients to achieve long-standing transformation in their spaces, their work and their lives. Through her company CreativeTheta, Julie develops programs for fellow artists to assist in developing their own intuitive connection and deepening their artistic expression.
She lives in NYC with her partner of 16 years, who is an artist of West African descent. Julie understands and values the challenge and benefit that comes with having a multi-cultural marriage and family. She is honored to be raising their young daughter together and adores her grown step daughters, who reside in Belgium.
She is inspired by her frequent travels to Europe and West Africa

Flo Ankah ThetaHealingNYC Practitioner

Flo Ankah is a healing artist and ThetaHealing® teacher specializing in working with creative professionals and entrepreneurs juggling between passions, as well as anyone already on a spiritual path and ready for deep transformation.
A proud dual-citizen of France and America, she has empowered many artists with their immigration process.  From her background in dance and music, Flo is experienced dealing with eating disorders, depression, addiction, injuries, and also Alzheimer’s patients and issues related with aging.

Since 2005, Flo has studied with Vianna Stibal, the founder of ThetaHealing®, and under the mentorship of Eric Brumett and Tara Greenway—embarking on a beautiful ride of self-discovery, creative unfolding and physical healing.  In addition to practicing this psycho-energetic holistic modality, Flo Ankah is a performer, constantly raising the bar through artistic expression.

Jill Basye-Featherston ThetaHealingNYC Practitioner

Jill Basye-Featherston is thrilled to partner with ThetaHealing®NYC.  She was in the first ThetaHealing® Basic class that Tara Greenway taught, and has been dedicated to growing and improving as a healer since then, completing requirements for a Master’s in ThetaHealing® DNA 2 in 2016.  Working with the Creator, she has witnessed releases from various physical ailments, from the flu to cancer.  We have had opportunities to work with stress related diseases and emotional turmoil.  Jill has worked with animals with great success, and animal lovers too! She is an experienced educator and brings those experiences to her sessions, so you might get a bit of homework to practice for a follow up phone session.

She has been an administrator for programs for children learning English as a new language in Baltimore City Public Schools System for the past 16 years.  Jill has a MA in Applied Linguistics from SUNY at Stony Brook, and an MEd in Bilingual Leadership from Bank Street College in New York. She has taught in programs from elementary through adult education and university, and brings that energy to her Theta Healing classes as well.

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