Eric’s First Experience with ThetaHealing

In 2000 I had my first session with Vianna Stibal (the founder of
ThetaHealing®) and was instantaneously healed of my depression. At that
moment I was awakened to Creator and experienced a new joyous inspiration
for life.

Shortly after my first session, I attended Vianna’s Basic ThetaHealing®
Class to learn the ThetaHealing® technique. As Vianna lectured I would
literally feel the information coming from my own cells just before she
would say it out loud. Towards the end of the class, Vianna told us “this
information isn’t new. You have done this before. You are not learning
something new, this is just a remembering.”

The class set me on on my path, my divine timing was calling me.

That year, I left my surfing lifestyle in Santa Cruz, packed what I could
fit into my half broken down car, and headed to Idaho Falls to intern with
Vianna taking her classes and assisting with clients. One year later, I
was living in the heart of New York City with a thriving ThetaHealing®

Through my journey practicing and teaching ThetaHealing® I recognize that
these classes are more than learning tools to address life’s issues but
are souls coming together (like a reunion) to remember and initiate our
lives into our souls paths.

This ThetaHealing® KNOWLEDGE is a map and a practice to empowerment and to
connecting with the Creator of All that Is. It is based on awakening to
our connection to the Divine and our ability to work with the Energy of
All that Is to create amazing things. When practicing ThetaHealing® you
will come to witness true miracles, to connect to all things as energy, to
receive the Creators love, and know that you can create from this energy
of abundance, compassion and Joy. And therefore is a birth right to all
people, from every walk of life, every religion, every country and every

I invite you to come and experience this amazing knowledge that has
transformed my life and the life of thousands of my clients and students.

With much love and gratitude, Eric Brumett