The Resolution I DIDN’T make

I can remember when I was 15 years old making a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. Unfortunately because I was unable to keep my resolution, I made that same one every year after that.


This year there was much hype in the news as 2014 came to close that on average only 8% of resolution makers keep their resolution according to a study done at the University of Scranton. This statistic displays what I have faced for a huge part of my life and what millions of resolution makers face every year. Not surprisingly the #1 resolution for 2014 according to the University of Scranton was….drum roll please…you guessed it, to lose to weight. I guess they are still adding up the data for 2015.

That means that just like me, most people who make a resolution to lose weight each year end up not fulfilling their goal.

Why is that?

In order for us to stick to our new year’s resolution we need to be able to change.

In order to successfully and permanently change we need to discover what our blocks are to changing and what are our attachments to how things currently are. These blocks and attachments are dictated by our beliefs.

What I have found is that our beliefs are the guiding force behind our choices, patterns and habits. In order to make permanent changes we need to transform our beliefs.

This year and for the past couple of years I did not make a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight. It’s not because I had given up, it’s because I did not need to lose weight.

I came upon an amazing technique called ThetaHealing® that got to the source of my struggle, my beliefs, that were holding me back.  I was a size 12 and felt miserable in my body.  I had tried so many things to help but nothing gave me the permanent results that I needed to be healthy.

I applied this technique to releasing weight, building self confidence, adapting new healthy habits and was able to completely transform my body.  I went from a size 12 to a size 4.  But most importantly I grew in my confidence, my capabilities and the love I have for my body.   I began to work with clients who were suffering as I had been.

This year I compiled everything that I have learned and that has worked for me and my clients, and I created the I LOVE MY BODY 12 WEEK PROGRAM.  If you are ready to make permanent, meaningful changes in your body and life then I invite you to join the I LOVE MY BODY 12 WEEK PROGRAM, starting FEBRUARY 9TH.

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I look forward to hearing from you soon.

With love and gratitude,
Sarah Faith

On Abundance: Learning How to Receive

The other day, I found a ten-dollar bill on the sidewalk a few blocks from my office in Manhattan. I considered yelling out, “Hey, did anyone drop a ten-dollar bill?”  But even I (a trusting soul) could see that that would produce the closest opportunistic person, not the rightful owner of the money. So I stood around near that spot for a while, to see if anyone would come along with their eyes glued to the sidewalk, searching for the cash they dropped.

But no one did. After a few minutes, it seemed that there was no way to give the ten dollars back to the person who lost it. So I walked on to my office contemplating the question: who am I supposed to give this ten dollars to? In ThetaHealing, we learn to trust our own intuition and to connect with the Source of All That Is to guide us, in matters big and small. So I kept checking in as I walked along. Should I give this to the nice doorman of my building? I got a no. Or the girl at Sweetgreen’s with the red ponytail? No. Buy my secretary lunch? No. How about the guy who always begs near the 23rd Street F train? No.

I was stumped. What was I supposed to do with this money then? I was getting just a little irritated about the whole situation. I was off the elevator and opening up the door to my office before the idea even occurred to me: I could KEEP this ten dollars. I’m lucky! Thanks, Universe!

The whole thing is a tad pathetic. Why wasn’t I happy when I found ten bucks? Being a ThetaHealer, I began digging on myself for what beliefs I had that prevented me from being able to joyfully and immediately accept a small gift like that, after it was clear it was impossible to return the money.

Did I not know that I deserved a measly ten dollars? No, I knew that I deserved it.  Did I not understand the definition of money, that it’s just energy, not something evil? No, I had a good understanding of money and wasn’t avoiding it because I was afraid it was bad. Did I not see the flow of abundance? Was I afraid that if I took up some abundance, there wouldn’t be enough for someone else? That was close, yes. I felt like I shouldn’t take the money, because that would be taking it away from someone else who needed it. I could barely bring myself to even consider keeping it, even though it was a pretty negligible amount and there was no way to return it.

So these are the beliefs I had that needed to be cleared:

There’s not enough for everybody (changed to There really is enough for everybody).

It’s impossible to take care of others’ needs and my own needs (changed to I know how to take care of both).

I must always take care of others before taking care of myself (also changed to I know how to take care of both).

I very much believe in sharing my resources with others, and I do so all the time. But this time, I felt the Universe wanted to teach me something about how things flow: that things flow in toward me as well as out from me, that there is enough for everyone, including me. A pretty great lesson for ten bucks. And by the way, that ten-dollar bill? I bought an Oprah magazine and some snacks. It was all free, on the Universe, no strings attached, no animals harmed, no humans deprived, no guilt required.

If you want to learn even more than you already know about manifesting abundance into your life, consider ThetaHealing. It really works!

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