Audio Recording: What is the Basic ThetaHealing Class

If you missed Tara Greenway’s Free Conference Call about the Basic ThetaHealing Class here is your chance to take a listen.

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Basic ThetaHealing Conference Call with Tara

November 7-9
10 am to 5pm

Fee:$500 * Please note that the $100 deposit is none refundable.

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In the Basic ThetaHealing class, you learn the fundamentals of ThetaHealing through lecture and hands-on practice. People come away from this class with clearer intuition, ability to improve the health of the body, emotions, and a spiritual connection. At the completion of this course, you will be certified as a ThetaHealing practitioner.

Included in this class:
Connect to the Creator of All That Is
The 4 levels of belief work
The creation of feelings
The power of word and thoughts
How to access a theta brain wave
The psychic senses
Free will
Co-creation and being the witness
Access your intuitive abilities
Psychically reading the body
Clear radiation
How emotions and beliefs affect our health
Clear fears
The New Life Experiment
Introduction to the 7 planes of existence
Guardian angel reading
Clear wayward spirits
Clear psychic attacks, hooks, cords and curses
Call back soul fragments
Gene replacement
DNA activation

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