The Opposite of a Miracle: Backwards Manifesting and How Not To Do It

Ten years ago, I had just finished taking the 3-week ThetaHealing course Intuitive Anatomy and was feeling connected and successful. I’d healed from the chronic migraines that colored my days with pain for so many years, I’d cleared so many beliefs, and I felt light and on my true path. It seemed I had gotten it all together, finally!

My older daughter, then just 3 years old, and I were visiting a good friend who was a faithful churchgoer. It happened to be Easter weekend. I’d been somewhat traumatized by Easter Sunday children’s sermons with pictures of Jesus hanging from a cross wearing a crown of thorns, his eyes full of suffering and nails piercing his hands and feet… so I did not want my little girl to go to church on Easter Sunday. She could go any Sunday of the year, I felt, except Easter. My friend at first understood my desire to stay home but then began to hint that she would really like us all to go to church on Easter Sunday. I realized it did seem strange to visit my spiritual friend on Easter and then refuse to attend church services with her. But I felt a mommy’s deep need to protect my little girl from what I believed could harm her.

I went to bed that Saturday night torn between offending a good friend and exposing my child to something I felt opposed to… and woke the next morning to a crying little girl with a low-grade fever. Faithful ThetaHealer that I was, I asked All That Is what was wrong with my daughter. I heard “We thought you wanted her to stay home today.” Her fever was gone by late afternoon.

My sensitive young daughter helped me to manifest what I didn’t yet have the skills to negotiate, in a way that of course I did not really want. What prevented me from manifesting a result that I wanted in a way that I wanted? Fears.

I had begun to address my fears about religion, and about stepping into my own power even when someone I cared about disagreed with me —  but I hadn’t completely cleared them. I needed to completely resolve my fearful beliefs, replacing them with beliefs that were from Love (with a capital L).

What I learned that Easter: When we have the huge and awesome gifts that the technique of ThetaHealing gives us, we must be mindful of our power and continue to hone our skills so that what and how we manifest is crystal clear and without fear.

–Tara Greenway