You Can Manifest What YOU WANT Too

I have always heard of great masters being able to manifest physical things
“out of thin air.” But I never thought that it could happen to me, until I
starting using ThetaHealing.

At first it just felt like synchronicity, but then it become undeniable
manifesting ability. Like the time I decided that I wanted to get a bicycle to
ride in Central Park and walked down to the recycling bin and there was a great
bike being given away for free. Or the time I decided that I needed a good
camping knife and during my hike in a very deserted part of California I found an
open knife in the middle of a rock under a giant tree that was exactly the brand name and type that
I wanted. On that same trip I decided I wanted to find gold in the river
like a 49er and I did. Undeniable.

What is the secret behind this phenomenon?

The first thing you must understand is that we are constantly manifesting
experiences into our lives. What we manifest is dictated by a part of us that
holds beliefs and programs learned during childhood, passed down from our
ancestors or absorbed from group consciousness and past lives. This creates our
reality like how much money we make, what kind of relationships we have, even if
we are sick or healthy. If you would like to manifest for certain things to come into your life, you need
to clear your beliefs and old programs that keep you stuck in your old paradigm.

For example: Let’s say you would like to manifest more money. You may put all
your focus on it and visualize it, but if you have beliefs that “money is the
root of all evil” or “to be close to God I must be poor,” then you will, on some
level, block the manifestation. What you want consciously may contradict what
you subconsciously believe is good for you. These beliefs are held under the
surface so you may not even be aware of them.

The more “negative” beliefs you clear, the more space and energy you have at
your disposal to create. Similarly to when you delete a bunch of music,
photographs and old documents on your computer, all of a sudden your computer is
much faster and more effective: It is the same with manifesting. For one you
don’t have the beliefs that block your manifestation and for two you have that
much more energy directed towards your manifestation.

The last and possibly most important component to manifesting is to be able to
get out of your paradigm of separateness and into the paradigm of the energy of
oneness and love or what I call the energy that flows through all things.
Part of what keeps us trapped in a concept of separateness is our resentments,
hatred and anger directed either at ourselves or towards others. When we clear
these emotions we allow ourselves to experience our inter-connectedness. When
we are connected to the oneness of all things we then see it as not just
possible but probable that the experience we would like or things that we desire
are in our lives now.

In ThetaHealing we use active listening and a simple form of muscle testing to
identify beliefs, then use the ThetaHealing technique and meditation to
effectively clear beliefs and replace them with beliefs that will serve us for
our desired goals.

We then do a manifestation meditation to connect with the oneness of all things
and create from this abundant energy.

I realized that when I would just be thinking about something it would manifest
without much effort because I cleared so many beliefs that were blocking me and
I was BEING in a state of connectedness through the ThetaHealing meditation.

ThetaHealing® has allowed me to manifest many blessings in my life including a
healthier body and weight, a loving relationship and more abundance. This
technique gave me not only a tool for transforming my limiting beliefs but a way
to manifest more experiences of joy.

– Sarah Faith

A Holiday Gift for YOU

We at ThetaHealingNYC would like to express our gratitude to our community this holiday season by giving you a Free ThetaHealing Session on Wednesday, December 18th.  You may choose from any time between 12:00 and 6:00pm, at our center, 1133 Broadway, Suite 1107 (just below 26th Street). We are so excited to share this healing with the community of New York City!

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Here are the details:

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 When all of our sessions from 12 to 6 on Wed 12/18 are booked, this offer is no longer valid. We are unable to carry over any free sessions to other days. 
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We are looking forward to our first Free ThetaHealing Session Day! It is an honor for us to serve New York City and express our heartfelt love and appreciation to you all. Happy Holidays!

With love and blessings,

The ThetaHealingNYC Team
Eric, Sarah, and Tara